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Design / Project Management : Fort Collins, Co

It was a surprise to Brittany when she got word that her first garden was going to be in a local home tour in 2015. After only 5 years of molding and loving this garden with the home-owner, it was show worthy.


When Brittany designed and built this garden she had 2 years of Landscape Architecture school under her belt. She didn't have horticulture knowledge or construction experience, but she was determined to learn it all. She hired the right contractors for the job with her client, learned her plants from the local nursery, and took the whole summer to plant every one of these plants in the rocky Fort Collins clay soil.


After this summer, both Brittany and her client fell in love with the work they had done. This project goes to show just how impactful creating a garden can be on a friendship and community. Brittany and the client went from neighbors to family after creating this together.

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