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A Garden for a Spiritual Teacher

Design / Project Management : Malibu, California


The project shown above was created for a spiritual teacher whose desire was to have a low-water garden with plenty of outdoor entertaining space. The client wished to host her friends in a space of retreat and consciousness by coordinating space with the sunrise (the meditation deck), the sunset (the terrace), the shade (a living room under the shade trees) and a neighbor’s bee farm (the lavender hill and trailing rosemary edge). A palette of succulent plants, pollinator plants, cacti, one Buddha statue, natural materials and enchanting lighting have been choreographed to cultivate the client’s dream of her ideal landscape. 


Brittany Sastrawidjaya not only produced the landscape plan, planting design, material design and lighting design, but also oversaw every day of construction on this project. Brittany took great care, often traveling as far as Santa Barbara and Escondido to find the perfect plants and materials for this site. Gardens take care, they take intentional planning. This garden was intentionally designed for the environment of the region, the pollinators nearby, the Spanish architecture of the home and the client’s desires.

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